• Seitan

    Seitan is a product that you'll find in a lot of Vegan recipes.  Seitan can be "formed" because of it's texture and firmness and so it is used as "chicken strip replacements", "buffalo wing replacement", "steak replacement", etc.  Seitan is made from wheat gluten and so it is a food that is 'borderline' with some people on a Vegan diet because it obviously includes gluten and many people are allergic and/or try to avoid gluten in their diets.  You can throw it on a grill, put it in a pan, fry it and the list goes on, it is a very versatile product in the kitchen and loaded with protein.
  • Tempeh

    Tempeh is a lot like Tofu and it is also made from soybeans.  The differences between Tofu and Tempeh begin when with how it is created:  it is Tempeh's fermentation process and retaining the "whole bean" that make up the key difference.  Tempeh is a lot firmer when it is produced whereas Tofu is a lot softer.  Imagine Tofu being like soft mashed potatoes whereas Tempeh is firmer like diced up grilled or fried potatoes.  Tempeh is an awesome food to use in a variety of dishes.  Tempeh can be bought at a variety of grocery stores, "plain" and also pre-flavored.  If you have a strong desire for something crispy or you're starting out on a plant based diet and trying to find a way to hold off those urges for bacon, chicken fingers, etc then put a little bit of coconut oil in a pan and lightly fry up some Tempeh, you will INSTANTLY fall in love with the flavor and texture and be a huge Tempeh fan!
  • Tofu

    Tofu is made from soybeans.  It is a simple food that can be used in a great variety of recipes while remaining inexpensive, nourishing and nutritious.  Tofu is created by curdling soymilk so that the proteins become coagulated and then are pressed into a "cake" form.  There are different methods of producing Tofu which lead to different types of Tofu (such as fermentation, which is widely considered the healthiest).  Tofu is a great "meat replacement" in recipes and does very well with flavoring and "holds" taste very well when infused into dishes with a lot of seasonings.
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