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Will Tucker is a man on a mission. He wants to transform the lives of as many people he can by showing them the positive effects of a vegan – plantbased way of living and proving it to them with his personal results and the results he guides his clients to achieving.  Will’s personal results are evident by him being a FOUR (4) Time Natural Bodybuilding Champion!  Will achieved all of these victories on a 100% plantbased – vegan regimen and he credits his ability to train harder, recover faster and be more “shredded” to this regimen. Will lives in Gilbert, Arizona (right outside of Phoenix) and is the owner of “What the Health” studio and also a Vegan Health & Fitness Magazine Contributor.  Will stopped by the VeganTourGuide Podcast and shared a LOT of information on his journey to plantbased – vegan and exactly what he does to achieve these results:

Will and I spoke about his type of regimen and it consists of Intermittent Fasting, which is eating only for an eight (8) hour period during the day (Noon to Eight (8) pm) and he consumes 80% Whole, Ripe Fruit, aiming for “nutrient dense foods” that have lower calories but a high nutrient quality.  His suggestion is that you start your day off with a “mono-fruit” which means eating just one (1) fruit as much as your body wants.  He then works in the “secondary vegan foods” such as Greens, Lentils, Grains throughout the rest of the eight (8) hour eating period.  He even blends fruits into a smoothie form and snacks on this throughout the eating period.

As Will stated: “Fruit has all the antioxidants, nutrients, phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals your body needs to thrive at a cellular level.”

Will’s journey began back in 2006 on Thanksgiving Day, he had just finished a “traditional meal” and went home to fall onto the couch in the normal food coma and found himself flipping through the TV channels and stopping on a National Geographic program.  The program focused on animal mothers giving birth and the amazing bond it showed that animals mothers truly had with their newborns.  Will realized at this moment that when he ate meat he was “eating someone’s child” and decided INSTANTLY to give up all meat and even went into his kitchen and threw away all meat products on the spot. We all have our “tipping moments” in life and Will found his in that TV show.

Will and I started talking about fitness advice and he prefers always working out on an empty stomach.  He reminds people, especially when they are in the beginning phases of eating this way, they most likely will experience weight loss and this is the result of eating better and the built up inflammation and waste in their digestive tract physically leaving their body.  People that are switching to this way of living, shouldn’t be worried if the scale shows their weight dropping in the beginning, if they’re maintaining a solid workout regimen, then the “loss” they see on the scale is bad stuff in the body, NOT muscle loss.  It’s the amazing power of vegan foods!








Here is a great video with Will put together by his buddy Vince Lia where Will gives great basic knowledge on working out and the types of exercises you can do and where you will see the most benefits: 

Will also spoke about following the Amen Diet by Dr. Nun Sava-Siva Amen-Ra Click Here for More Info and how this diet consists of twenty-three (23) hours of fasting per day with one (1) hour of eating per day.  It sounds very extreme, however Will credits this diet in 2015 for his BEST ever Bodybuilding Contest results in which he won BOTH classes he competed in AND won the Best OVERALL Title, essentially sweeping the show, the best he’s EVER looked on the stage.   

Will also shares all of this knowledge with his clients in their training.  He is currently opening up a 100% Plantbased – Vegan Fitness Studio in his hometown and his goal is to make this a great place where not only are people getting fit and making great health changes in their lives, however everyone is surrounded by like-minded people all following plantbased – vegan principles and training methods and knowing that in turn this positive energy and experience with spread to others.  You can help contribute to make this extremely special and needed gym here: Click Here to Support Will

Oh wait, you say “But I don’t live in AZ with Will and so I can’t visit the gym regularly to get in optimal shape with Will”.  Well, guess what, Will has the answer for you: He’s putting together a VIRTUAL fitness training program where he will actually train you remote via your webcam, WOW!  So, now you have NO excuse to not get your body in great shape with the assistance of a Four Time Champion!

So, go check out everything Will Tucker has going on! You can check him out on his website: Will’s Website and follow him on Facebook: Click Here

And don’t forget to go check out what his wife Nadia has going on that Will and I discussed during the podcast called Zen Nights, find out more: Click Here

Thanks for ALL you do Will Tucker!



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