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Ella Magers, the “Sexy Fit Vegan” stops by the podcast and shares the story of her journey.  I always love hearing people’s journeys because I’m always amazed at what the “tipping points” are in peoples lives and who would have thought that Ella’s tipping point would have been triggered by….Daniel Boone?  It’s a cool story that she shares and always reminds us that inspiration can come at any time and in any form.

Listen to Ella Here: 

So speaking of form, Ella set out in life to prove that you can achieve any form for your body that you want to by focusing on your workout regimen AND following a Plantbased – Vegan eating regimen.  Everything she read pointed to the fact that it would be hard (ie: impossible) to do this because you “can’t get enough nutrients, protein, etc. to do this.  So, Ella started on this part of her journey and it culminated her entering her first (1st) and only fitness competition to prove it could be done and……you guessed it: she won the bikini division!  

Ella also spoke about another interesting discovery during her training leading up to this competition: all she had to do really was focus on her working out because what she naturally ate was what her body needed in the form of nutrients to get her body in the best shape (that being FIRST PLACE SHAPE).  You see, if you follow the journeys of bodybuilders and other competitors, you’ll often hear stories of sacrifice when it comes to eating as they prepare for their competition and it takes immense discipline and sacrifice.  Ella was able to follow her normal eating regimen with very few changes and so she didn’t deal with the trials of adjusted/dialed back eating and it’s discomforts making her preparation a lot easier.

Ella has now taken these accomplishments and she uses them as a platform to help others and spread the word with what she describes as her mission statement during our podcast:

To break the stereotypes of veganism and show that you can switch to a vegan way of living and your life will actually IMPROVE from this switch

Ella did bring up the dreaded “B-word” during our podcast…”Burpees” a word that strikes fear or in some cases total anger in some people’s minds when this word is mentioned.  She has cured me from most likely every eating an Oreo cookie again when she informed me it takes One Hundred (100) Burpees to work off just Three (3) Oreo’s!  Yikes.  Ella also shares that she doesn’t “count calories or macros” with regards to what she eats and she doesn’t use (ie: become a slave to) any “Eating APP” because she believes in just trying different things to eat and you’ll notice for yourself what is right for your body.

Ella shared many nutritional tips and exercise tips, including a favorite for me, How to make Cashew Milk:

Take a Cup of Cashews and Soak them in water for atleast two (2) hours

Drain the cashews and rinse them off

Put the cashews into a blender with water

Add Date rolls (these are pre-crushed Dates)

Add Vanilla

Add Cinnamon


BOOM, you’re done and you have Cashew Milk!

So, make sure you follow Ella, you won’t be disappointed as she has a LOT of information:

Her Site

Her FB Site

Her Coaching Program



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