The Story of The Naked Tart



You never know in life where destiny and inspiration will cross….for Diane Hughes it started out as she began to shift her diet to more and more healthy and working part time in a Health Food store and culminating one day standing in line and listening to an overweight father tell his children that he wouldn’t be purchasing anything in a local desert store because “he wasn’t allowed to eat anything in the store” and she decided there should be desserts for EVERYONE.  Great tasting desserts that ANYONE can eat, irregardless of allergy issues, gastro issues, diabetic, gluten issues, etc.  So, Diane set off to make AWESOME desserts and the result?  The Naked Tart.  

Listen In as Diane Tells her story here with us on the VeganTourGuide Podcast:

You MUST go check out her site to learn about her many creations and find out how to get some for yourself: Click Here

Here are a few pics just to tease you with evidence of her incredible creations:

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