Theresa Longo: Actress, Brand Ambassador, Fitness Trainer and Super Cool Vegan



So Theresa Longo joined me for the latest episode of the VeganTourGuide and from the very beginning of the conversation it is clear that she is someone that is passionate about causes close to her, helping others and using the platform that she finds herself on to promote positivity.  It is evident that Theresa is very humble about the accomplishments that she has attained through hard work, focus and persistence, starting at a young age with cool and encouraging parents.  If you try to “label” Theresa, well, good luck with that, she has multiple accomplishments, including: Actress, Brand Spokesperson, Model, Fitness Expert, Former Ms. Italy N. America, Fitness Expert, Super Cool Vegan and the list literally just goes on.  She details her journey at a Plantbased – Vegan Life and her advice for living this lifestyle, even when you stay extremely busy like she does and the changes that she saw in her life.  Here is our Podcast:  


Theresa even offers people a way to benefit from her vast fitness knowledge and proven regimen by purchasing Skpe Fitness classes that she literally guides you through and does them with you, even though be prepared to go all out with her during these classes and with a tagline that states “I bet you can’t keep up!” well, don’t say you weren’t given a fair warning. You can check out Theresa’s Website to get more information on the different training packages that she has, including a package with Fitness Consultation and a Fitness Workout.


Theresa stressed during our podcast interview that she is selective about what types of products that she will accept the role of being brand ambassador for: these products must share the same ethical principles and environmental principles that she does.  As a Plantbased – Vegan living in the “Brand Ambassador World” it is a great platform for her to help promote great products and at the same time know she’s involved in something that is also helping the environment and promoting better health at the same time.

Theresa also has a great website and blog, Click Here with more of her accomplishments and even some film clips from movies that she has acted in.  Here is a link to a great recent blogpost highlighting one of her passions: working to eliminate plastic winding up in our oceans and the detrimental actions that occur: Click Here for the BlogPost


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