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David Benzaquen and his company PlantBased Solutions are bringing an exciting approach to the PlantBased – Vegan World.  The Growth of the Plantbased – Vegan World is happening at an astounding rate and with that growth, there are more and more opportunities.  Many companies are seizing on the opportunities out there and continuing to create newer and more innovative products and concepts which is both a welcomed and great thing.  However, some of these companies are finding it hard to traverse the “business highway” of bringing these ideas and concepts all the way from conception to market.  David saw this need in the market and he created PlantBased Solutions to assist companies by bringing in the knowledge and experience to provide brand management and marketing to facilitate growth.  

Here is an excerpt from the website detailing this even further:

Whether in food, packaging, health, beauty, or fashion, plant-based products are providing solutions to crises of sustainability, health, and equity. Our mission is to create a better world by making innovative plant-based products more accessible, desirable and affordable. Join us in our plant-based business revolution.

David recently came on the VeganTourGuide Podcast to share the story of his journey and ultimately what led to the creation of PlantBased Solutions

Our conversation in the podcast covered a variety of topics with great insight and knowledge into the current state of the Vegan – Plantbased market and where David sees it heading.  David mentions Algae and Seaweed as two (2) great products that he feels will grow into more prominence because of their health benefits.  He talks about a cool new company that PlantBased Solutions is involved with: Tomato Sushi











David is someone that is making great positive changes in the “Plantbased – Vegan World” and someone that as you’ll hear in the podcast, has a LOT of passion for what he’s doing and someone that I personally look forward to staying in touch with and advise everyone to follow him and his company as they continue to help many many companies do great things that will in turn do great things for our world.

Great Books Mentioned by David during our Podcast:

Raising The Bar by Gary Erickson

Mission In A Bottle by Seth Goldman

Reach Out to David at: David’s Email

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