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So, I had heard a “rumor” that there was a great place to get great Smoothies and Juices located in Park Road Shopping Center and I was definitely on a mission last night to find this nirvana and grab me a smoothie.  So I drove through the parking lot and located the store and made my way up to the door and then pulled to open the door and….it was locked.  Argghhh.  So close, yet so far.  

At this point, I was hoping that possibly a stroke of divine intervention could happen and it did, I saw someone coming out from the back of the store waving for me to wait and then he approached and welcomed me into the store.  He explained that they had been working feverishly all day to put the final touches on the grand opening the next day and when I told him I certainly understood and turned to walk away, he insisted that I stay and try a new smoothie.  I was definitely shocked because I know that in any business setting like this, the “final day before opening” is nothing but all day stress and a million to-do list items and so I was floored to be welcomed in and with high energy from Quinton and the rest of the staff that now appeared. I can tell you as a life-long entrepreneur, it is awesome to meet people with incredible passion for what they are doing and Quinton (he’s the corporate trainer that goes and sets up all of the new locations) and his staff DEFINITELY had passion.

Quinton showed me around the store and then proceeded to tell me about the different Smoothies and Juices and the quality of the ingredients and then told me the very cool story of the creators/owners of the franchise and how fast this franchise has taken off.  So now fate once again played a great role in my life and not only was I getting the tour, I was now getting my choice of Smoothie’s as well……it was practically mission impossible as I read over the list and literally couldn’t figure out how I’d ever choose and so I pretty much came down to the time tested and proven method: eeny, meeny, miny, moe…..”Blue Chocolotta” it is.  It ROCKED!  It was about this time that a mother and her young daughter approached the door and once again, they were warmly greeted and invited inside and also left with a cool smoothie and smiles.  I spoke with them outside after we all left and the little girl gave the Smoothie a thumbs up (LOL, no words given as she wouldn’t stop drinking the Smoothie) and her mother was very impressed and appreciative to the kindness of everyone there.

I have to say if you want to go someplace with incredible Smoothies and Juices, you’ve got to go to a Juice Bar near you ILoveJuiceBar.com .  As someone that has had a LOT of Smoothies and Juices, I can definitely tell when the ingredients are lacking, not fresh, etc and this Smoothie was the BEST.  They are growing fast and they have a very cool vibe and energy when you walk inside and being a life long entrepreneur, I can tell you that passion is contagious and I’m willing to bet that every location shares the same energy as the Park Road Shopping Center location.  I’ll be back a lot and it’s a cool place that I look forward to grabbing a Smoothie or Juice and then enjoying the positive energy and great vibe and writing some more posts for GoVeeg.

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