Vegan Chili “Surprise” Winner in Cookoff


Chili Contest Winner had a “surprise” in for everyone after she won…..her Chili was 100% Plant Based – Vegan Vegan Chili!

Chef Mama T proved the amazing things that can happen when pre-conceived notions/opinions are negated and in the case in the cookoff contest, she proved that food can be GREAT TASTING and GREAT FOR YOU!  She entered the Honolulu contest and didn’t make it known to the organizers or any participants that her chili was indeed plant based, until after she was crowned the winner.

It’s amazing in life how many times when people drop biases, pre-conceived notions or opinions based upon bad information, that people wind up discovering that what they originally thought was not true at all.  You mention “vegan” or “100% plant based” at a chili cookoff like Chef Mama T did and the assumption is that the taste will not be there at all to compete against the traditional meat-based chili’s.  She proved that when biases are blocked (or granted in this case hidden) that new things can be learned in life and because of her, more people now know they can EAT HEALTHY and ENJOY GREAT FLAVOR in the same meal!


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