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One of the best things I’ve found over my life to get my body in optimal shape (in addition to a plant based diet) is running.  I find it one of the most invigorating things to do as well as such a “freeing” event knowing you can just set your course as easy as pointing your two feet in a direction and going.  I LOVE (and truth be told LIVE for) the endorphin rush that accompanies running. 

So the question becomes: “How do I start running”.  Well my best advice to pass along that was given to me is to go get fitted for good running shoes.  It is so important to your knees, legs, body, etc to get a good pair of running shoes.  A good pair will make running MUCH more enjoyable.  The nice thing is that in today’s age, there are MULTIPLE stores that can assist you in getting the right shoe for your arch, foot size/width, etc and not cost a lot of money.   

Ok, now that you’ve got the shoes, find some cool places outdoors you want to run and start running for TIME.  Do NOT run for distance in the beginning as you’ll start wanting to compare distance run with other people and especially if you’re just starting out, it might seem discouraging hearing friends rattle off long distances that they run (oh and nobody ever fibs on how far they run, LOL).  JUST START.  Fifteen (15) minutes, then twenty (20) minutes, then twenty-five (25) and so on.  Get your body used to the running. 

I enjoy running typically four (4) or more times a week and I can tell you that running is definitely my “coffee” because of the endorphin rush I get from it and so that is how I start my mornings.  So get out and start running and enjoy the view while you’re running and the reward! 


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