Dining Out Vegan


A typical question always centers around: “dining out vegan”.  I’m happy to share that you don’t carry around the Scarlet Letter “A”….of should we say “V” when you go out to eat.  You’ll be amazed to see how many places have distinctly labeled vegan items on their menu and if they aren’t labeled specifically as such, many still have items that area.  You also always have the option of taking a traditional meat fare meal and simply removing the meat (and dairy if present) and now you’re created your own vegan modification.  A salad with grilled chicken?  Simply remove the chicken and you’ll be left with a great salad.  Often you can ask them to substitute (at no charge) other vegetables or fruits onto this salad in place of the chicken. 

 I also suggest calling ahead to the restaurant if you know in advance that you’ll be dining there and asking to speak to the Chef.  You’ll be amazed at how many chefs will be very accommodating and most of the time they welcome this opportunity because they get to test their culinary skills versus a normal night consisting of just cooking the same ten (10) items on the menu. 

Also, don’t forget that you can always load up on “sides”….grilled vegetables, sweet potato, a cup of fruit, etc.  Always remember to ask how they prepare their greens (some recipes for collard greens for instance uses a ham stock and so make sure this doesn’t apply to the sides your getting ready to order). 

Enjoy your time dining out and look forward to it! 


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