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I’m Kathleen!

Disney Geek. Food Aficionado. Follower of Jesus. NC StateWolfpack Class of 2015. Food Allergy Advocate. Shoe Hoarder. Fun-sized. Just trying to heal my mind, body and soul with nourishing foods.  Come join me!

My interest in whole foods and the healing through nutrition all started a couple years ago during my sophomore year of college. After almost four years of chronic, misdiagnosed skin rashes, incompetent dermatologists (apparently what you eat has “no effect on your skin” – HA!), and a lifetime of GI issues that up until recently I assumed were normal, I made the decision to try to heal myself from the inside out. The summer before my sophomore year, I was diagnosed with a few food allergies – corn, apples, tomatoes and peanuts – and learned that my skin issues were greatly exacerbated by the presence of gluten in my diet. Since then, I have learned of sensitivities to almonds and milk proteins, and even sugar as well. Although I do the best I can to eliminate all trigger foods from my diet, I’m still a work in progress. Like any significant journey, my path to healing has no set direction – I still face major and minor setbacks and obstacles to my health all the time. However, the further I travel down this path, the more I learn about my personal nutritional needs and methods for healing. Each step down this road is a step in the right direction, and I look forward to getting closer and closer to optimum health every day.


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