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You’ve got to read the story and find out more about my friends: Brooke and Jason Rash and their quest to help people eat well and eat Gluten Free.  They have an incredible program to bring great nutrition and support to people called: Motiv8 America!  I’ve included the link to their site following the information below, so click on it and check them out.  They’re out to Motiv8 America and after you visit their site and see some of their videos, you’ll see they definitely have the plan and passion to motivate and get you Gluten Free!


Hi. We’re Brooke & Jason, your husband and wife health coach duo!

We used to be just like any other typical American family with 2 kids. Pop-tarts for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch and Hamburger Helper for dinner was the norm around our house. In 2010, our son was diagnosed with autism and we got a major wake up call. We started realizing that the food we ate directly effected our health, so we got serious about making changes to our diets. 

When our son, Beckett, made a complete recovery just by removing processed foods and replacing them with whole foods, we knew we were on to something big! This led us to enroll at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2013, where we studied over 100+ dietary theories and graduated as Integrative Nutrition Health Coaches. We have a passion for helping others realize their health and while we do take food seriously, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. You’ll often find us cutting up and being silly. 
We’re Bananas… bananas about nutrition!  We’ve transformed the way our entire family eats and we can help you do the same. 


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